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Our Family Story in a Nutshell...

Ellis Bros. Pecans is a family owned and operated business located in the heart of South Georgia where some of the richest soil for growing pecan trees is located.  

We are a multi-generational business specializing in growing and processing some of the finest pecans in the U.S..  Our retail store, shelling plants, candy kitchens, mail order business, and wholesale department are located in Vienna, Georgia next to our original pecan grove that was purchased in 1944 by the late Irene and Marvin Ellis. 

Elliott Ellis, the eldest son of Irene and Marvin, began cultivating his love for tree nuts at the age of six when the original pecan grove was purchased.  Elliott helped gather the family’s first crop by walking through the orchard and picking up pecans with his young hands which helped him learn to recognize the different varieties of pecans.  

The original pecan grove consisted of 60 acres of tree bearing nuts from the following four main pecan varieties: Stuarts, Schleys, Moneymakers, and Desirables.  The family also diversified their interest in cotton and peanut acres.

Elliott received his Bachelors and his Masters of Science, Agriculture from the University of Georgia.  Upon graduation, he took a job with the University of Georgia Extension Service and worked for twenty years as an Agricultural County Agent in the following Georgia counties:  Harris, Hancock, and Morgan.  In 1977, at the age of 43, Elliott and his wife, Cile, returned to his roots on the farm with their two youngest sons, Brad and Keith, to help Elliott’s father, Marvin Ellis, with the family pecan orchards and the family farming operation of cotton and peanuts.

In 1978, Elliott began our retail store, shelling plants, and Irene’s Candy Kitchen. Mrs. Irene directed the candy kitchen and started making her famous recipe of Ellis Pecan Brittle. She quickly began adding southern gourmet candies.  The recipes to some of the family favorites may be found in our Ellis Family Cookbook.

After following Elliott’s legacy and graduating from the University of Georgia, Elliott’s two youngest sons, Brad and Keith, began working and growing the family business. Under the direction of Elliott and his sons, the groves expanded from 600 acres to 3,000 acres and now include our very own patented Ellis variety. They also began our mail order business, expanded the shelling plant and added two additional candy kitchens.  Mike, Elliott and Cile’s eldest son, is a retired electrical engineer living in the Atlanta, Georgia area and is now a new Georgia pecan grower. 

Elliott and Cile were blessed with seven grandchildren and seven great grandsons.

Three of the seven grandchildren, who represent the fourth generation, now work in the family business.   

Elliott passed away May 31, 2021, after devoting 43 years to cultivating his passion for tree nuts.  Our family is thankful for the opportunity to continue the Ellis legacy of producing quality pecans.

Our pecans and pecan gourmet candies are now enjoyed all over the world.

We know you will enjoy our products as well. We are thankful to all who continue to support Ellis Bros. Pecans.


The Ellis Family

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