• Q: Do you ship? 
    • A: Of course we ship! We ship almost everything we sell in our retail store with the exception of ice cream and some produce.
    • A: Please allow for 3-5 business days to allow for processing prior to shipping. 
    • NOTE*** "PRIORITY MAIL" is NOT 2 day shipping. These orders may take 3-5 days to process in house and you can  expect delays after leaving our facility due to current USPS standard procedures. If you would like expedited shipping, please choose UPS 3-Day select, UPS 2nd Day Air, UPS Next Day Air
    • Q: Do you ship internationally?
      • A: We are able to ship internationally and we are in the process of improving our ability to do so through our website. In the meantime, please contact us via info@werenuts.com for international orders. 
    • Q: How do I cancel my subscription?
      • You can pause your subscription at any time through your online account. To cancel a subscription, you must have received your items through 2 billing cycles or you will be invoiced for the difference in the retail price and your subscription price. If you have any questions, please email info@werenuts.com.
    • Q: What is the perishable item fee that is automatically added to some of my orders?
      • A: The perishable item fee is added to perishable items such as chocolate, pralines, and other items that must remain cooler to arrive intact and prevent melting during transport. Because our company is located in rural South Georgia, temperatures are frequently over 80 degrees Fahrenheit and we must add an icepack to our shipments. We also will only ship perishable items Monday-Wednesday to reduce time spent in a holding facility. 
    • Q: Can I ship to multiple addresses?
      • Yes! Our checkout process allows for your to specify which products are going to which addresses. Please note* free shipping only applies to orders over $75.00 going to a single address. For each address you are sending to receive the discount, the total must be greater than $75.00 per address.


    • Q: When is pecan harvest season and how do I order the freshest pecans?
      • A: Our pecan harvest will begin late September-December. Because we grow and process our own pecans from our family orchards, we are able to provide the freshest pecans to our customers starting around the first week of November depending on environmental factors. We will start a "pre-order" option on our website beginning in September. 
      • Q: What is the difference in the different varieties?
        • A: The major differences in the variety of pecans that we sell are 1. when they are harvested (ie. early, mid, late season), 2. the oil content of the nut which determines the flavor and sweetness, 3. the thickness of the shell, and 4. the overall shape of the nut. 
        • A: There is a vast difference in the Elliott/Caddo and the Stuart variety pecans. Elliott and Caddo are our smallest "Junior Mammoth" variety nut that both have a high oil content which makes them sweeter. Caddo has a thinner shell than the Elliott which makes them a little easier to shell. The Elliott and Caddo are great for snacking, decorating baked goods, and baking. The Stuart variety which are our "bakers halves" are a large slender nut that has one of the lower oil contents. This nut is great for baking due to it's lighter texture, ease to chop into pieces, and it is more economically friendly when purchasing large quantities. Some crowd favorites are the "Desirable, Ellis, and Pawnee" varieties which are our "mammoth halves." These are larger nuts with medium oil content and a medium thickness shell. These nuts are very flavorful and versatile and can be used for anything. 
      • Q: What is the speckling on the Pawnee variety?
        • A: Have no fear! The Pawnee variety has a natural speckling that can be more or less prominent depending on the amount of rain and other environmental factors that can occur during the growing season. 
      • Q: Which varieties are the "Paper Shell" varieties?
        • Pawnee, and Schley Varieties are considered "paper shell". We now only carry Pawnee variety in the "paper shell" classification. The Ellis variety has a medium to thin shell and is also easy to crack. 
      • Q: How should I store my pecans?

        • A: Pecans are best kept frozen (for up to 2+ years) or refrigerated (for up to 6-18 months) in an airtight container. Pecans can last up to 6 months in a cool, dry, and dark place if sealed in an airtight container.
        • A: Pecans will turn dark, lose their freshness, and could turn rancid if exposed to high temperatures, sunlight, and moisture. 


      • Q: Are your ice cream flavors in your retail store homemade?
        • The majority of our ice cream flavors are homemade! 
      • Q: Does Ellis Bros. Pecans have a place for RV's, Semitrucks, and Tractor Trailers to turn around?
        • A: Yes! We have plenty of RV, Semitruck, and Tractor Trailor turnaround/parking. 
      • Q: What are your retail store hours?
        • A: Our retail store is open 8am-7pm Daily ***INCLUDING ALL HOLIDAYS. 
        • A: Our office is open 8:30am-5pm Monday-Friday. Our office is CLOSED All major holidays. 
        • LOCATION: 1315 Tippettville Road, Vienna, GA 31092
        • EMAIL: info@werenuts.com
        • PHONE: 800-635-0616
      • Q: What all do you carry in your retail store?
        • A: We have a nearly 5,000 pecan outlet that includes a gift shop with over 650 different items! 


        • Q: Will your company replace/refund my order?
          • A: Please refer to our replacements/returns/refund policy located at the bottom of our website homepage. Because we sell perishable food items, some items are not eligible for a replacement or refund after 21 days. 
        • Q: Does your company work with groups doing fundraisers?
          • A: Yes! We do offer discounted pricing for fundraisers. Please email info@werenuts.com for more information.